Meet the Characters

Three Thieves and a Murderer

Kira Banks

Kira Banks, chief curator of the National Museum of Eastern Art, made repeated offers to Mr. George Adams for his painting. Generously high offers! Yet, he still refused to part with it.

Noah Banks

Dishonorably discharged for suspicion of acting as a double agent, Noah Banks now leads a double life. Constantly on the move, his whereabouts are unknown.

The Pilot

The pilot was in a bar when he overheard a customer in a nearby booth talking to a friend about a recent burglary at his estate. He listened intensely and thought about what he would do about it.

Yi Sung Min

A total of seven paintings were included in the Yi Joseon Collection. Unfortunately, Yi Sung Min owns only six of them. The final painting, which had previously eluded his grasp, was finally within reach.


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