Competitve and interactive detective fun!

Our self-guided hunts provide a fun and interactive adventure for you to do on your own time. You are not required to race against the clock and have the option of going home and continuing the hunt on another day.

What’s truly unique about our hunts is that we immerse you in a story where you must crack codes and solve clues to help you uncover a mystery.

Location: Noblesville, IN
Commute Type:
12mi. driving
1mi. walking
Average Time:
About 5 Hours
Extra Admission: No
Level of Difficulty

The Kidnapping

A kidnapping has happened in Hamilton County and all the evidence is pointing at you. Expose the truth by taking on this hunt and make your way around the City of Noblesville to search, discover and expose the mystery of… The Kidnapping.

Please Note: After purchasing this mystery hunt, click “return to website” to immediately view your access code. This file will also be sent to your email so please check your spam folder and mark as safe.

The Kidnapping is a self-guided mystery hunt. Participants will drive around the city of Noblesville, visit historical sites, discover interesting finds, and solve clues, all while being immersed in a story full of mystery and suspense.

The challenges and clue solving ability of this hunt is of an intermediate level. We encourage participants to bring with them pen and paper to help with solving clues. Because this is a self-guided hunt, users must agree to play at their own risk, drive safely, and obey all traffic regulations.
*Please do NOT remove any physical clues found while playing this game.

*You must download the app Locandy to play this game. The Locandy app is free to download and is available on Apple App Store and Google Play.

*View our Things To Know at the bottom of this page for additional information on playing the game.

Things To Know

Playing the Game

You will need a smartphone with data. Once you login to the specified app for the game, you can start to play immediately. You can play alone but it’s more fun to bring someone along. At least one person on the team must have a smart phone with data.  Some travel will be required. The hunt is best completed during daylight hours.

Using the Locandy App

The Locandy app can be downloaded for free onto your smartphone (either Android or iPhone will work). To get started on playing a game, open the app and Scan the QR code you purchased from us. Follow the on-screen direction and enter the access code (The access code is different from the QR code, you can find it in the same pdf). You are now ready to start playing the hunt. Enjoy! 🙂
*The app gives you the option to connect to Google maps to show directions of where you’ll need to go throughout the hunt.

What sort of puzzles will there be?

Sometimes you will be asked questions about information that you can discover by searching the location you are at. Sometimes the answers will be in the text or photographs you are given. There may be word puzzles, math puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, or anything that requires some brain power! If you get stuck, hints are available within the game.

How difficult are the hunts?

The level of difficulty will vary depending on the hunt you are playing. They range from Easy, Medium and Hard.

Do I need to be familiar with the city?

No way! The hunts have the locations you will need to go and are designed to be fun for both locals and visitors.

What should I bring?

A fully charged mobile device with GPS location turned on. We recommend you bring a mobile phone charger or backup battery, pen and paper, water, snacks and wear comfortable shoes. You are welcome to spend money at locations you visit during the hunt but it is not a requirement to complete the game.

What if there is an issue while playing the hunt?

If by change you find a clue missing or defective please email us at and inform us of the issue. Also please let us know if any other issue that may arise.

What happens at the finish?

The game will notify you that your hunt is completed and you will be able to take a selfie and submit helpful feedback about your hunt experience. This action is only available if you create an account with Locandy before playing the mystery hunt game. You do not need an account to play the game but it makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Do you provide refunds?

Sorry we do not provide refunds for our Self-Guided Mobile Hunts. The reason for this is because we can not confirm whether or not you’ve played the hunt once we’ve sent your access code. However, if you are unsatisfied, please let us know so we can better accommodate you in the future.